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From: Richard A. Luck
Melbourne, Australia
Tuesday 9:14AM

Do you ever struggle Getting Motivated?
Do you often Procrastinate?
Do you sometimes lack the energy you need just to get you through the day?
Do you know the “tasks” you should do that'll make a difference in your
– but lack focus or motivation to do them?
Do you often find yourself plagued with negative thoughts of self-doubt when faced with a challenging situation?

ook, I’ll be honest, we all have our “off” days when we experience these a bit, but when you find yourself regularly procrastinating or lacking motivation, or never really taking the action you should, this is when..

These things "sabotage your chances" of a truly happy and successful life.

However (with relief), I can tell you that these things no longer have to be a problem for you.

Hi, Richard A. Luck here.  And as a member of my popular “Mind Power & Wealth Secrets” newsletter, you’ll know that I pride myself in giving you - my valued clients and members, the highest quality tools and techniques to live your best life possible.

Why? Because -

Life IS Short

And I don't know about you but, "I" want to enjoy my time on this Earth as much as I possibly can, don't you ?

Did you answer Yes

Good -  Then you're in the right place today!

You see, as a Certified Coach I have the wonderful opportunity to work with clients in the "real world".  And a common concern I hear way too often is how frustrated and annoyed some people are at themselves because...

They have a goal or a dream that's been sitting on their plate for years ... but they never seem to get to it, or reach it, or even get started working their way towards it!

And it's resulted in numerous "missed opportunities".

Here's what I mean:

Just think back for one moment...

How many potentially "life-altering" opportunities do you think you've missed out on because you were lacking in the self-belief, focus, energy, or the right motivation you needed to follow through?

I'm referring to possible opportunities in:

Your career ... or in pursuing a romantic relationship ... in pursuing your ideal body-shape ... holiday opportunities ... or even acting on exciting new “wealth-creating” opportunities, and the list goes on...

The bottom line is: People need help with their motivation.

The problem is: getting help with "long-term motivation" is so hard to come by.

Sure, you can attend a motivational seminar or read an inspirational book and be all jazzed up about it for a week, or maybe a few days after. But what happens to your motivation beyond that!? It kind of just disperses over time, doesn't it?

This of course extends to small, day-to-day activities as well.

For example:

Do you find yourself struggling to do all the tasks that you need to do every day?

Things like finding energy for daily exercise, doing the grocery shopping, maintaining the spark in your relationship, doing the laundry, or even walking the dogs!

Do you sometimes find that just getting started with those "first steps" is a struggle? Me too. Or I did... until I found out about the importance of human psychology.

You see, while ordinary folks may be unaware of it, people who are involved with the study of human behavior and psychology have found ways to actually "tweak" a person's motivation.

Here’s an experiment.

Let me ask you: if you saw a $100 bill lying on the middle of the road, would you find a way to cross the street (without getting hurt in the process) and pick up the $100 bill?

Of course you would, right?

But think about it… what motivated you to quickly get moving and take action?

Was it the joy of a surprise extra "pay day"? Was it the fear that others might see it, and get it first?

Whatever it was, it motivated you for a short time… And using advanced psychological techniques, it is possible to amplify that short-term motivation and expand it into a long-term commitment to improve yourself.

That was my intention for developing some magnificent tools for my clients... to help them quickly get them over this hump. I’ve called it…


Massive Motivation contains proven techniques that I’ve used to help my clients overcome the crippling habit of procrastination… and turn their habitually “stuck” state into a massive flow of joyful motivation.

It will help you (just as it has my regular clients), to exceed in creating more day-to-day happiness, to be more VIBRANT throughout the day, to seize more opportunities for wealth, even to build closer relationships (especially) with your children and romantic partner.

For example,

Unbelievable Drive To Get Things Done Instantly: You'll feel a compelling drive to get things done without having to push yourself into anything! You will start to feel the exhilaration of pleasure motivation (see below..)
Peak Performance: From business excellence… all the way to increased sports performance, you'll move to the next level of accomplishment – both academically and physically.
Improve Mental Health: Helps to silence your "inner-critic" so you can enjoy a life with much less stress … Massive Motivation will help you manifest a new mindset geared towards self-appreciation and achievement.
Pleasure Motivation: You will start to enjoy the most pleasurable motivation there is to experience in life - also known as "positively inspired motivation". You have probably experienced small bursts of this in the past, yet not recognized how or why it happens!

With this program you will have the fortune of experiencing this while visualizing your desired outcomes in a powerful way.

The World Through Bold Fresh Eyes: One of my favorite quotes from Dr. Wayne Dyer is: “Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will change”... With your new perspective, you’ll be able to look at business, wealth creation (and also romantic) opportunities with BRAND NEW eyes.
Make Much Better & Faster Decisions: Much of your success depends on the pace and quality of the decisions you make in life. You'll begin to take charge of your future with much greater confidence and purposefulness.
Habit Improvement: No one is safe from the harmful habits and failure-orientated traits they’ve picked up from their past …and without the right tools they are almost impossible to get rid of since they are so deeply rooted within the subconscious.

We give you the opportunity to move beyond this past conditioning (that causes paralyzing states like procrastination and self-doubt) with proven techniques designed to eliminate the problem at the source – your powerful subconscious mind.

Optimal Mental & Physical Energy: Gain astounding amounts of energy to work and play longer. And maintain focus for longer periods.
And much, much more…

Using my methods will easily give you these results. Not only will you be able to do whatever it is you want to do, you'll be able to do it better, with more energy, and get it done quicker than ever before... guaranteed!

The bottom line is:

If you struggle with frequent low energy, lack of motivation, procrastination, or self-doubt, then..

This Program Will Be Nothing Short Of Life-Changing For You..

And the best part is,

Here's what's included:

Video 1:
MOTIVATED FOR CHANGE! Your Amazing Introductory Training Video

In this video we walk you through the fast, easy, and FUN process of preparing you for exciting change. This fantastic video sets the mood and opens your heart and mind with great positive energy.


Video 2:
INSTANT ACTION - Move "Out Of Your Own Way" For Spectacular Results!

This "new wave" Subliminal Affirmations Video replaces your procrastination with a POWERFUL and compelling attitude that will make it EASY for you to move forward and take action in TWO Ways: on your daily tasks - as well as for the things that will bring you BIG success! This video creates long-term change in the viewer.


Video 3:
ENERGY - Enliven And Energize Your Body & Soul!

With this Exclusive Subliminal Video, we connect to both the MENTAL AND PHYSICAL realms to enliven and energize you. You'll feel mentally refreshed & physically enlivened…usually within 5 minutes of watching this video!


Audio 1:
Re-ignite Your Hopes And Desires

This specialized Audio is a Guided "Beyond Hypnosis" Session - and one like you've probably never experienced before.

It involves powerful hypnotic NLP suggestion, neural bridge building and collapsing negative anchors. Here's what it will do for you:

This stunning hypnotic audio creates a state of mind that allows you to breathe new life and positive energy back into your visualizations and dreams. It will clear out obstacles and create a clear pathway so you can finally "get out of our funk" and start attracting positive things (success, love, & whatever you desire) to your life.


Audio 2:
LASER SHARP FOCUS - Get More Done In An Hour Than Others Do All Day!

This Exclusive Brainwave Entrainment Audio Session Quickly develops laser sharp focus, deep concentration – and increases your productivity TEN-FOLD...

You simply slip on a pair of headphones, listen and enjoy. That's it. I personally love listening to this track while I'm working at my computer. Try it for yourself and see how it refreshes you mentally, improves your focus, organization and concentration. Your productivity will soar!

Video 4:
PLEASURE MOTIVATION - Exclusive Positive Momentum Training Video

Let me ask you: Would you prefer to be motivated by pain – or by pleasure? It’s unfortunate that many of us are motivated by the pain in our lives. This causes inconsistent results, slow results, and develops an unpleasant journey for us along the way.

Let’s TURN THAT AROUND today! It’s easy with this process. This module on it's own is going to positively influence you for the rest of your life, I can definitely promise you that.

The truth is,


That's because this specifically designed program is exclusive to "New You Life Coaching" and the rapid results you'll get from this program are practically impossible to find – Anywhere.

Better still, following this program as easy as 1-2-3!

There's NO learning curve, no "hidden stuff" you have to figure out ...nothing.

You simply watch the videos, have a listen to the audios and you'll be amazed at the rapid results you'll get - starting even on the first day!

That's because the changes are automatically occurring deep within your subconscious - NOT just on the surface to be discarded later by your conscious mind.

It doesn't get any easier than this.

In fact, I believe this new motivation program is one of the best kept life-enhancing and motivation boosting secrets on the entire net.

This Is 100% Proven, And It Works Every Time

The transformation you experience will be effortless because there are no forced lessons or willpower needed to bring about rapid results in the listener. 

You do the program and you will change. It's as simple as that.

WHEN you follow the easy steps in my program, you will be able to quickly develop the momentum, confidence, positive outlook and above all - the MASSIVE MOTIVATION to go out and achieve things that you once thought were impossible.

This is truly the "pot of gold" you've been searching for...

First let's consider the value. Because truth is, it's taken me over a DECADE of studying and literally thousands and thousands of dollars and coaching hours to hone these skills and techniques I'm giving you today...

I'm literally giving you a system for achieving your biggest goals and your destiny with as little pain and effort as possible. How much is that worth to you?

I don't even think you can quantify it.

Frankly, just one of the audio or videos in this program could very easily propel your life into a "U Turn" and head you off in the direction of massive success.

When you put all this together, with the long-term life changing results you're going to get with this program, you can see how it would be easy for me to ask $297 - which is less than I charge for just 20 minutes of my time!

Just think: If you only get a 1/10th of the results a reasonable person should expect to get with Massive Motivation, you can see how you easily get you money's worth!

In fact, it would be a bargain at twice the price!

That's why you may be surprised to learn that today I'm giving access to Massive Motivation for one dollar.

That's right...$1!


Claim Your Copy of Massive Motivation by Clicking Here

So by now you're probably wondering,

That's a great question.  And very easy to answer.

Honestly, it's because I want to start a relationship with you.  And I know that when you see and experience first hand what I deliver for you - and experience how my techniques and skills change your life - very quickly - you may even decide (like most of my students do!) to return to us in the future for your self improvement or life coaching needs.

I can't be any more open and honest than that, can I?

But it gets even better because to help establish this great relationship I'm not only giving you the Massive Motivation program for just one dollar, you're also getting free month's trial access to my Highly Coveted Breakthrough to Brilliance Monthly Members' area.

Each week, we add a powerful new written lesson, a new compelling Audio segment, and a new empowering mind technique to our members' area - as well as a new practical exercise to propel you forward.

In fact,*every* outstanding lesson is stuffed with hard-core secrets designed for one reason and one reason only: To Empower You and Bring Out Your True Inner Brilliance!

It's literally like you have your own personal development coach on hand working for you around the clock you the secrets to ultimate success, obsessively providing you new techniques, for you to take control of your life in every way, and giving you the only thing that matters: RESULTS.

Well it's simple. A lot of “self help” teachers and training programs talk about stuff that may work for you in theory (or worse) should work (but maybe doesn't).

On the flip side, my methods have a proven track record of success emanating from many years of hands-on coaching.  I have helped literally thousands of people and couples to uncover their personal power and enjoy the kind of fulfillment, inner-peace, gratitude, abundance, love and joy that most others only dream of.

So the wisdom and techniques I'm sharing with you every week work in the REAL WORLD.

And my hope is that you'll get totally hooked on Breakthrough to Brilliance Insiders and that you'll want to stay on as a member.

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If that's the case, simply do nothing and we'll charge the special discounted rate of only $19.95 monthly to your credit card (usually $47 monthly - that's a $27 saving!)

If you don't think it's for you, that's cool too. Just call us, email us, or go to our support site before the 28 days is up and we'll never bill you again.

Pretty square deal, right?

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

All you really "risk" is the $1 (and to be honest if you're truly don't think the "Massive Motivation" program is worth a $1, we'll refund that as well).

So what are you waiting for...


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Here's where it's at:

You Have Two Choices Today

continue your life in "ignorant bliss" - wondering what you missed out on as you struggle to find the motivation and energy you'd prefer to have in life...

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get this training program today for one dollar. Immediately download it and watch it and be amazed at how your motivation transforms instantly. No more motivation problems... No more wondering what to do next - you just follow the 6 easy modules!

You can achieve more in life and get the success that you really desire in life...

I think the choice is clear. You will say yes today.

FOR $1!

I understand I'll be able to immediately download

  • Module 1 (Video): MOTIVATED FOR CHANGE - Your Introductory Training Video ($37 value)

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  • Module 3 (Video): ENERGY - Enliven And Energize Your Body & Soul! ($47 value)

  • Module 4 (Audio): GET OUT OF YOUR FUNK - Your "Beyond Hypnosis" Guided Visualization Session To Re-ignite Your Hopes And Desires!
    ($47 value)

  • Module 5 (Audio): LASER SHARP FOCUS - Get More Done In An Hour Than Others Do All Day! ($39 value)

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To your renewed motivation and energy!

 Richard A. Luck
 NLP trainer, Master Hypnotist

P.S. Seriously, this Massive Motivation is going to change your life. You gotta try it. Plus, the new Breakthrough to Brilliance Insiders is awesome.

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Pick up Massive Motivation today for only $1 and you get these FREE Bonus audio recordings, to help you get your results ever faster with less effort...


I've separated the video and audio files and made an mp3 of EACH video.

So you can instantly upload them to your iPod so you can listen to them over and over again for continual learning.

This is one of my "incremental" productivity secrets. When I'm driving, I'm listening to audio programs. When I'm working out I'm listening to audio programs. I also do this when I'm cleaning the house, shaving, or any other mundane task.

Now, you can do the same!

The price to create and package these extra audios is over $74. But the recordings are yours FREE when you get Massive Motivation for one dollar now:


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